Monday, July 9, 2012

Who Doesn't Love the Library?

D.W.'s Library Card
By Marc Brown

I do not think there is a Marc Brown story I have read that I did not like.  I remember going to the library in my elementary school.  We went once-a-week and not for very long, so eventually I learned to memorize the location of my favorite authors in order to spend as much time as possible looking at the books and picking out which ones I wanted to check out.  Marc Brown was one of those authors, and to this day I could walk you to that special part of the library at Meadow Lane and find you a good Aurthur Adventure series book (that is as long as they have not rearranged anything).  The D.W. series is not any different, and as soon as we opened the pages of D.W.'s Library CardI knew that it would be a favorite with my two-year-old.

Read It
In D.W.'s Library Card, D.W. decides that in order to check out whatever book she wants, she needs to have her own library card.  She only runs into one problem--in order to have your own library card you have to know how to write your full name.  She almost gives up on the idea of having her own card until she learns that the Tibble twins have their own card--if the Tibbles can write their own name, surely she can too!  D.W. practices writing her name, succeeds, and proudly becomes the owner of her very own library card.  When she proceeds to check out a book, she finds that someone else has checked it out, and she has to wait an entire week for her turn.  That turn finally comes and she gets the book she had been waiting for.  But the Tibbles warn her if she damages the book the library will confiscate her library card--and her ability to check out books--forever.  D.W. fears losing her card so much that she will not read the book when she comes home; she packages it in a safe place until the time to return it comes.  If you have your own library card, check out this book to see how Arthur helps D.W. solve her library card dilemma!

Enjoy It
D.W. is quite possibly the most annoying, yet most lovable, younger-sister character you will ever meet.  This book is a fun way to learn about the joys of going to the library, checking out new books, reading together as a family, and the responsibility and excitement that accompanies having your very own library card.  The theme of learning to write your own name also adds a fun depth to the story.  In order to get her own library card, D.W. faces the challenge of learning something new and working at it until she succeeds.  Watching D.W. learn how to write her own name can be a great way for your child to be excited about learning to write his or her own name too!

Make It Come to Life
One fun way that D.W. practices writing her own name in this story is in her mashed potatoes at dinner.  Check out this fun way that we have been practicing "painting" our name and letters at our house--it is a great way to have fun in the heat too.  Happy "painting" and library-ing!
Just grab a large paintbrush and a cup of water . . .

. . . find some concrete outside . . .

. . . and have fun practicing your letters!

It is a no mess way to paint and beat the heat!

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