Monday, November 5, 2012

Autumn is Here

October seemed to pass by us so quickly that we are taking every opportunity to enjoy fall to the fullest in November!  How are you and your family living it up this fall?  The weather in our parts has offered plentiful days of warmth and sunshine—great for enjoying the outdoors, family walks, and squeezing the most out of the beautiful fall leaves and landscapes. 

Here’s What the Book is About
For one of the first books this fall we read A is for Autumn.  Big, beautiful photographs fill the pages of this book, each accompanied by a bold capital letter of the alphabet.  Although some fall words they give for certain letters take a stretch of the autumn imagination (“I is for Ice Cream” for example), each picture in this book really offers a multitude of fall-esque images in which your eyes can indulge, and about which your curious minds can converse; pumpkins and gourds pop out at you; a page about fall rain shows a puddle you think you could jump in; an owl peers out at you looking like he is about to “whoo-hoo.”  

I love books that offer subjects that our family can jump into nature with and observe around us.  Like “B is for Birds that fly south to warmer winter homes,” introduces the idea of migration and explains all the birds flying in the sky or gathering on telephone wires that we observe on our fall walks or drives.  The text that accompanies each photograph is not a rhyming poem, but it is full of great alliteration and assonance (“S is for Scarecrow stuffed with corn husks and standing tall”) and a broad scope of vocabulary—the appreciation for this comes from the nerdy English major of my past.  But even without the alphabet, or the verse, the photographs alone are worth checking this book out from the library or buying a copy for your home.     

Here’s How We Made it Come to Life
We have decided to put our own autumn alphabet photographs together, and you can do the same!  Just pick some of your favorite photographs from this season and compile them in a notebook or do an online book.  I think we will make a shutterfly book or something along those lines.  Here is a sneak peak…
C is for candy collected from homecoming

Z is for trips to the zoo with cousins!

S is for autumn sunsets.

P is for pumpkin.

L is for leaves from our leaf hunt.

H is for helicopter rides at Burr Oak Woods
 What great fall letter pictures do you have?  Click here to find a list of great parks in the Kansas City area for fall fun.  And check out these fun  prinables like "A is for Autumn".  Happy Autumning!


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