Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Fall Everyone!

We are back and in full swing after a long, but much needed, hiatus.  Our family moved over the end of the summer, and we finally feel settled in and back to normal—and in perfect time to enjoy this beautiful Missouri fall.  But first, let us see if we can catch up on everything we have done since we were last together! Even through all the chaos of moving and school starting back up, we managed to continue to enjoy lots of books from the library.  How about we do a recap through photos? 

We decided to read Madeline in London in conjunction
with the 2012 Summer Olympics that kicked off
on July 27 in London, England. 

This was a fun time to get out our world map.  We put a pin
where we live in Missouri...

...a pin in Paris where Madeline lives, and a pin in London
where Madeline visited and where the 2012 Summer Olympics
were held.

Look how far apart they are--that's a lot of ocean!
We made torches and watched live streaming of athletes
running the torch.  (We got the awesome torch craft from here.)

We had fun reading about and seeing all the famous landmarks
that Madeline visited in London, and then seeing them on
television during the Olympics.  Big Stuff loves to connect things
he has read to real life, it is like he sees his books coming to life
before his own eyes.

Another fun thing we did was to turn on
the London clock on my phone, so while
we watched the Olympic games we
always knew what time it was in London.
Talking about the Olympics got us into an international theme
for a while, and I hosted a Spanish Summer Camp, so we
read a lot of Spanish and bilingual books!

Keeping with the international theme,
we attended the Ethnic Enrichment Festival
put on by the Ethnic Enrichment Commission
of Kansas City.

It was so perfect, after watching the Opening and Closing
Ceremonies of the Olympics, to see all the flags flying from
different countries around the world.  Do you know which
country this flag is represents?

Big Stuff got to do some face painting in the Children's World
of the festival.


They had a multitude of fun, engaging activities for the children.
The batter in my camera died after this part, but we went on to
eat som food from Kenya and Bolivia, then we got to see some
dancing from Israel and Ireland.  If you live in Kansas City,
do not miss this festival in 2013!

See what we did with apples and pumpkins in the next post about September & October!

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