Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Farm Is Not a Farm Unless It is Noisy

The Noisy Noisy Farm
By Stephanie Stansbie
Illustrated by Veronica Vasylenko

Read It
This book is fun and noisy (literally) indeed.  Kitten wakes up to a silent farm and wonders what happened to Rooster.  She sets off enlisting the help of all the animals to figure out where Rooster has gone and what must be wrong.  Along the way we meet Duck and Sheep and Cow--each with something to say to help find Rooster.  Every page has a button for kids to press as they are learning about new animal friends and the sounds they make, and they will be tickled to hear and meet the surprise farm character at the end.

Enjoy It
Both of my kiddos have greatly enjoyed The Noisy Noisy Farm.  My oldest son (I call him Jefe because he is two-years-old and IN CHARGE) loves to push the buttons--actually since reading this book, if he sees a circle in any other book he pushes it hoping it is a button.  My youngest is at the age where he mimics every sound he hears, so what better time to read a book where we can learn (and hear!) animal sounds.  His favorite in this book is the duck.  I think The Noisy Noisy Farm ranks as one of my favorite farm books that I have read.

Make It Come to Life
Living in Kansas City makes it easy for us to observe farms or farm animals most places we go--not that cows are roaming the city streets, but farms characterize much of the landscape just outside the city limits.  Depending on where you live, make it a point to point out animals and farms and barns as you are out driving with your children.  You can talk about the animals' colors, the sounds they make, where they live, what they like to eat, and how they help humans; you can talk about the barn, the shape of it, the color of it, who works there, and what farms can provide us like milk, corn, or eggs.  If you don't live near any farms, collect farm animals from your children's toys or stuffed animals and help them make a farm at your house!  Singing fun songs about farms like "Old MacDonald" or "B-I-N-G-O" can also make farms come to life in your little one's imagination.  If you do reside in Kansas City, check out the Deanna Rose Farmstead--it is FREE (Mon.-Thur.) and full of farm-life interactions for all ages.

I would love to hear what kind of farm adventures you and your family have had!  Leave your comments or farm book suggestions below!

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