Monday, June 25, 2012

Flutterby, Butterfly!

Waiting for Wings
By Lois Elhert

Our family's spring and summer this year have been an incredible time for getting out into nature and exploring.  Both of our boys are at a good age now for small nature treks, and our two-year-old is in that stage where everything he sees brings a contagious awe, wonder, and excitement--Mom and Dad are happy to have that rub off into their lives of adult stress and worries.  We have had so much fun seeing all nature around us come to Life, blossom, and grow.  The other day we had a buck wander into our yard close enough to see his furry antlers growing; the cloud formations in June have been perfect for imagination (read It Looked Like Spilt Milkfor more fun with clouds); and on our most recent nature walk we stumbled upon some very hungry caterpillars!

When we came back home, we had the most suiting book to read, called Waiting for Wings,to learn more about those caterpillars and what kind of wonderful creatures they will turn into once they have little stuffed bellies and a cozy little chrysalis to call home. 

Read It
Lois Ehlert writes this story in rhyme, beginning with eggs on a leaf, to caterpillars, to beautiful wings flying to land in a garden that has been waiting for them.  Vibrant collage illustrations make the butterflies look as if they will lift off the page in flight, and a beautiful index of butterflies and corresponding caterpillars ends the book.   

Enjoy It
Science and literature are in perfect union in this book--Ehlert's trademarks are beautiful illustrations and pages filled with learning.  For ages three to seven, children will love looking at the colors, spying for eggs hidden on leaves, and turning the different-sized pages that reveal more and more butterfly wonders.  This book makes for a perfect companion to learning about metamorphosis, the life cycle of butterflies, and creatures and habitats of nature. 

Make It Come to Life
Buy this book or check it out from your local library and then go on your own nature walk to see if you can spy eggs, caterpillars, or butterflies around you.  Click here to find out how to make coffee filter butterflies like these that we made. 

This website has great information, coloring pages, and photos about butterflies and their life cycle.  Also, check out this amazing video from YouTube or read another great book The Very Hungry Caterpillar--we like the board book version!  Happy reading and exploring!

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